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Old 11-30-2011, 08:27 PM
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Default Reasonable Request or Coercion?

I've been ill for a few weeks. Not up to any sort of sexual activity. My husband has been with me all that time, taking care of me. Because of being ill and not being able to travel, I did not see my boyfriend very much.

I'm not quite better yet. I'm about 90%, sexual activity would still be a hardship. But I can get around and function in daily life just fine.

Last night, I did get to spend an evening with the boyfriend for some nice snuggling and kissing time.

My husband, who is not interested in snuggling and kissing that does not lead to sexual gratification, has decided that I should not see the boyfriend again for any purposes until I'm able to be sexual with him again. He claims that he wants "intimacy" but he does not mean that in any emotional sense, nor in alternative sexual contact.

Am I wrong to feel hurt and manipulated by this? I feel like I deal with enough heartache by the fact that he just either wants sex or not to touch me at all (he'll typically get mopey or whiny or angry if I initiate snuggling type stuff and don't follow through). I don't feel like I need him to change who he is, but I don't think who he is means that he gets to make unreasonable demands regarding who I am, too.
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intimacy, miscommunication

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