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Old 11-18-2011, 11:30 PM
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Default The road(s) less traveled

I've always been a closet blogger...well, using a private blog as a journal. Putting it out there has been another story.

I came to the forum and did my introduction post, then did the obligatory "I'm a mess" post to New to Poly, and the next logical progression is to move here.


There's the woe is me post. Sure, its upbeat and positive like I am most of the time, but read between the lines and you see that I am very early into this, still unsure, definately insecure, and seeing where it leads us.

Since my positive introduction, I've had several rough patches, and I'm seeing that as a common thread in many of your stories. Everyone, monogomous, poly or questioning, has rough patches, and any attempts at being more open to communication or introspection is fraught with things that will trigger rough patches

I talked with T last night and told her how I was thinking things through, that I was journalling, that I was looking at my feelings and trying to look past them to figure out why those feelings occurred. This was new to her, and I hope I can help guide her into her own journey of introspection and selfawareness. I'm pretty sure we are both going to need that skill, and others, as we move through what's already on our plates and what we hope to move on to.

Comments, critiques and even honest criticism welcome, thats why I'm doing this!
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