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Old 11-14-2011, 03:55 AM
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Default Poly virgin here...

Hello, all! My name is Courtney. I am currently in a monogamous relationship, 5 years strong.
I have only recently shared with my boyfriend my interest in a poly relationship. The desire surfaced when he started working long hours and started getting serious with his band and their goals. I understand and I desperately try to keep from causing drama, but I get incredibly lonely. I can't imagine what it will be like when they tour...

He happily accepted the idea, with just one condition. Whoever I am involved with, he must be involved with, as well. It's a beautiful idea, really.... welcoming a woman into our relationship, and all three of us loving and giving equally..... but I do fully realize this means I get to go on a unicorn hunt...

So yes... we are essentially hoping for a poly triad.

A bit more about me... I am an artist, an activist, a crafter, and a tropical fish breeder. I am a woman of compassion. It is my strength and my weakness. I have a tendency to wear myself thin trying to help people. I have a small obsession with antique collecting, steampunk, and culture of the 1920's....

My boyfriend's name is Jason. He is a very skilled drummer in a metal band. He is a man of few words, but passionate about music and politics.

Also in our household... one cat and one dog, a turtle, a snake, and a multitude of fish. Two spare beds currently occupied by two band members who are struggling. They are like brothers to me.

Aaaand... that's me. At the moment....
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