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Old 10-28-2011, 05:01 PM
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Thumbs up I stand by this one!!!!

Originally Posted by spacehippiegeek View Post
Thanks for the advice, everybody. I have not been as diligent as I should have been about following up on this and making phone calls, but that is something I will start doing in April. After the advice I've received here, I definitely feel more confident about asking their openness to polyamory over the phone.
It may take a few weeks, but I will post an update here to let everybody know how it went. Thanks again for the support!

Here is someone you can call... Not from where you are but...far away and over the phone might help your own sikee ...I TRUST THIS PERSON!!! as in WE my FAMILY All have SEEN or TALKED to THIS PERSON.....

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Old 11-07-2011, 01:31 AM
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I found a poly-friendly counselor, who was a LMFT (Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist)--not sure if there is the same degree in Canada, but she's essentially a sex therapist, so much more likely to know about kinks and alternate arrangements. Problem is, in the States LMFTs are not covered by insurance the way psychiatrists and other shrinks are. Once more reason Canada is awesome.
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