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Old 11-07-2011, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
This discussion is very familiar. Every so often someone comes along and starts a thread like this one, which will get tiresome very quickly, I believe. There are numerous discussions here on the merits of polyamory as compared to the evils of monogamy (as is usually posed by the OPs). They always wind up in a boring argument. Just do a search and I'm sure you'll find numerous posts that support your position as well as many that challenge it. Maybe all these anti-monogamy threads should be combined into a master "monogamy sucks" discussion.

Interesting. This is exactly the same type of response I got time and time again on religious forums, as I was going through the process of trying to determine whether my life-long faith actually had merit or was ill-placed. If I'm in the wrong place to be having a discussion where the first few responses don't answer the complexities of the subject, then by all means, I won't have these types of discussions here. As with my religious experience, I may have to go to something like an automobile forum in order to find people who are willing to plumb the depths of a subject like this, rather than a forum one would think would be full of people willing to do so without being so quickly bored. Oh, and to clarify--yeah, my track record shows that I'm willing to do a complete 180 on my thinking if the logic warrants it. Going from a life-long right-wing fundagelical extremist to an atheist bears that out. But such changes in thinking don't occur in places where people bore of such discussions. So maybe rather than trying to stifle such discussions, it might be helpful to meaningfully engage them beyond the pat answers that come from both sides.

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