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Old 10-21-2011, 09:06 PM
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Hello everyone,

Just signed up tonight. I'm in my early 30s and I'd like to keep myself relatively anonymous since most of the people close to me don't know about my thinking...yet. You can call me whatever variation of my screen name that reasonably comes to you.

I found this website and a couple others about a year ago and the thinking really meshed with the thoughts running through my head at the time about love, relationships and how we all interact with each other. I have hinted at these thoughts to my wife and when I finally did a search and found polyamory, I shared as much as I could with her immediately. She has been really amazing in her understanding of my thoughts and I feel really blessed to have her to talk to and consider these ideas.

I have recently started the process of finding someone to add to our relationship. I am sure we all know the feeling of time slowing down when we want to find someone special as soon as possible. I am going through that now. I know the short time I have been spending looking has been only a drop in the ocean and that I need to persevere and keep patient.

I am an absolutely straight (but tolerant) male and my wife is pretty much a straight female. ( I seem to have the feeling that most women are pretty much straight... I don't know why. Maybe it's all the time spent looking at women in women's magazines. Just *smack* me if need be.) We are hoping to bring someone in to form a V with two primaries. We will see how that all works out. One step, one day at a time.

I have to say that I, like some others I suppose, was brought up in a very conservative Christian family. While my parents loosened up a bit to my against-the-grain nature when I got older, I am still a little skeptical about blindsiding them with ideas about poly. In the past I have found it best to warm them up a bit first. My stepsister is openly homosexual, so there should hopefully be little problem with that part of my family. Regarding my parents-in-law, I am WAY skeptical about them understanding anything at all about this. It's currently a source of worry. With my friends, some will stick, some will go. I can't convince them all. I've never felt as in the closet before as I do now. On one hand, I feel it's really nobody's business but our own. On the other hand, how can people not figure or find it out given time? I would love to be open about it without the negative reactions. Stress. It's too bad too, because everything I see about poly relationships should not be at odds with Christian beliefs like loving one another. I also don't see how sexual immorality can fit into this equation if everyone consents to such a loving situation. I am sure some will find the rationale to condemn in any way they see fit. : /

What a downer... In true Hollywood American style I cannot end my post like that. There must be a happy end! It's alright. From reading here, I am positive I am in the right place for discussion. Glad to be here. THERE. HAPPY.
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