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Old 10-17-2011, 04:52 PM
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You say you're changing your mind a lot right now... well, duh!

You just opened up a huge amount of emotions, thoughts and feelings you never had before, and didnt' really have the skills (yet!) to cope with them. It happens to a lot of people! I think it's great that you're actually working through the thoughts and feelings instead of just reacting (though I'm sure reactions happen!), and that's great stuff!! It's also not easy, and sometimes unpleasant. :-/

Perhaps you need a bit of time to sit with what's gone on so far, and let it settle a bit? X seems to have made up her mind to move out, so perhaps letting her have the space and time for now while you work through your stuff? I know that when things are shifting/changing it can make us cling more or try to "work harder" to get everything to work out "right" (i.e. the way we want them). Unfortunately, sometimes things work out they way they want to, or should, and that's not always the way we'd choose.

And, I think, maybe some time of just "being", might be nice for everybody so that they can kind of assess what's gone on, assimilate the changes, and adapt a bit. You can see where you all are at that point. Just be caring, thoughtful and respectful in the meantime and I think some time will help.
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