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Old 10-14-2011, 03:44 PM
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Default Ok so she's kind of a bitch.

This is more a vent than anything. Ultimately I know that if I don't like the situation I should get out but...OMG.

Brief backstory: I have been involved with a couple for a few months now, primarily sexually. There have been a few minor issues and it's been a learning experience, but the sex is amazing...even though I haven't gone "all the way" with him.

Currently, she is in the last month of a high risk pregnancy and sexual activity of any sort is off limits. I feel for her, I really do. She is miserable and is a very sexual person, so it hasn't been easy. He obviously has needs and I am more than happy to help him but...

She calls all the shots, relays messages between he and I since I have no contact information for him, arranges everything, etc. It's frustrating because even though this started out as a threesome sorta thing...I don't really care for her anymore and my attraction to and chemistry with him has gone through the roof. I want to talk to HIM. He gave me my first orgasm for crying out loud...I want more.

But she is killing the whole thing. There have been times thar I really wanted to go over there that I didn't because I was just so irritated with her. She's kind of dominating. If I ask a question or bring up a topic that I would obviously like to talk more about, She is deliberately short or laughs it off or ignores it all together. She also says things that make me feel insecure about how much he does enjoy sex with me...or if he does at all.

If She is jealous or resentful or feeling negative about it, shouldn't she just cut it off? Why is she playing games and cock blocking? I think I have been fair and flexible and fun..I don't deserve to be toyed with. And I can't help bur think things would be a lot better if I could talk to HIM!

Sorry, long. Frustrated.
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