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Old 10-03-2011, 01:07 PM
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Default Wife and her man (almost)

Have had, maybe what you would call, the “normal” monogamous married sex life. Wife , M, was practically a virgin before we married, with maybe 20/30 sex experiences, with only 2 partners.

I find her very sexy, I like all sorts of course, but shes a bit big boned, with nice shapely meat to go with her big frame - yummy!

Anyway, our sex life was regular, but boring. We had a time, a few months ago, where I began to do some phone flirting with her. This lead to a lot more sex suddenly ! We were both turned on, and of course, when theres sex, we tend to talk to each other more. The honesty goes deeper, I take risks, and I feel a bit more comfortable to share myself. She had a self image which didnt help in the bedroom - because she carried a little weight. But shes been running and dieting. She joined the running club at work. Her friend, T, is tall and very slim, and they would do their lunchtime run together. Her friend left to find work elsewhere. So, one day M sends me a txt (an SMS ), saying “I’ll probably get those comments while running”, and I said - “what comments?” and she says drivers or walkers, or passers by will often comment, for example “hey sexy”. I said thats wonderful, you deserve that praise, especially as a reward to yourself for dieting, running, etc, etc. She said “I used to think all the compliments were for T, but they still come even though I run alone now!”. I said “yum - they liked you too, all along”.
At the same time, I did something Ive never done, I shared my fantasies with M about all the beautiful women around. We began to discuss who I liked, what features were nice on girls, etc. Our sex was on a high, 3 times a day! I began to share more and more, but I had a huge lump in my throat - “ How far can I go with sharing my thoughts?” I kept wondering.

So she said “I dont always like those comments when I’m running”, and when I asked why not - “I feel a bit scared sometimes, like if I respond, they might think of raping me, abducting me, or something!” so I replied “thats not likely, but I guess if its people you dont know, it could be a scary scenario”. I pressed on with “Is it nice to get compliments from people you like and know?” and of course she said yes, and I asked her if theres people in the office that compliment her. There were, of course, a few men, and some of the men in the work running club give her compliments. I kept on encouraging that. It hasnt helped us that her father, when she was younger, was very critical of her body. So she’s got a complex about a few of her bits. So I am encouraging these compliments from other men. Its helping us erode some of the negative self-image, see?

So, I was working from home one day, while she was in the office, and we’re messaging each other again. Shes lists some of the people who give her compliments (some are women, but they’re straight, I’m assuming), and I’m encouraging encouraging all the time. Then, sort of out of the blue, she says “theres not many people who could take my affection away from you, but there is a guy at work, M. If you were dead, I’d jump his bones”. Well I think I …”er shot my load” there and then! I said “you might think I’m hurt or jealous, but I’m actually not - I’m turned on!”
Male M, struggling noob.
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