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Old 10-01-2011, 03:55 PM
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Thanks for your comment!
Last night after the weekly 15M assembly (held in a central city square), I was feeling worn-out and fragile. I wanted to go up to a friend and tell her: “I need one of your hugs” (there’s a lot of hugging in this revolution). But she was sitting next to S. I didn’t feel like hugging S after the recent insincerity between us. But neither did I want so obviously to AVOID hugging her… or be put into the position of rejecting a hug if she suggested one. As I’ve already written, S has hugged me when there are other people around, but I don’t feel that she’s being sincere. Imagine the scene: “I need a hug… no, not from you, thanks.”

I stood around, hoping that one of them would move away from the other. But it wasn't happening and I had things to do, so I left the square without my hug. (That one: I'd earlier had hugs from others. But sometimes every hug helps. And the one I wanted to ask for was drom a particularly nice person.)
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