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Old 10-01-2011, 03:55 AM
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Default Single female Adult Model From Vancouver, BC- Looking for Friends and Maybe More

Hello! ^.^
I'm fairly new to this great city of Vancouver and am looking for open minded friends and perhaps more (dating/relationship, if we're compatible).
I'm not looking for casual sex, as I find no need for it.
I will be 21 as of November, and as far as a romantic relationship goes I am looking for someone around my age range (19-30 preferably).
I am an adult model and film star, and a pro domme, and have found that a polyamorous relationship would be more fitting to my lifestyle, and that I need somebody who is open minded to what I do for work. Many others are condescending or closed minded to it. It is simply a job to me, but one I am not willing to throw away.
My sexual orientation is really up for debate, I've found myself attracted to both men and women in the past, but mostly feminine looking men and women. I have dated mostly men, but have next to no sexual experience with women. For probably a few reasons; my uncertainty of my sexual orientation, my lack of experience does make me feel a bit intimidated, and I (though this is fairly personal but important to the subject I suppose), haven't had any pleasure from cunnilingus. I've found myself going from thinking I'm straight to gay to bi to pansexual in my head and constantly rethinking it back to one of the others. I usually say I am pansexual, as I am attracted to both men and women, but the personality plays a much more major role in it than the bodies. For instance, I can be not attracted to someone whatsoever, but once I get to know them better can find them irresistible. It's just a matter of compatibility. The person can still have a great personality without me being attracted to them, but quite often it's that X factor that doesn't come along or that we wouldn't be compatible on deeper levels of connection that keeps me from feeling anything more for them.
But for complete honesty and truth, sexual orientation: completely and utterly confused.

My attitudes towards sex have changed greatly, I went from basically being a nympho, to being what seems to be asexual. I'm not completely certain how this change came about or what caused it. Whether its psychological, or has to do with what I do for work, or it could be a loss in libido due to the medication I am now on. There are too many factors for me to be able to know for certain. I do have a hope that in a romantic relationship with a deep connection things would be different, and I really do have a belief that this could be the case.

Anyhow, I am extremely open minded, non judgmental, and friendly. I am introverted but can also be extremely outgoing.
I have tried many different websites for meeting new people for friendship or more, but with no luck so far.
My interests are quite varied (this next part is copied and pasted from a dating site I am on, I just think it sums up a great deal of my interests and hobbies, though there are definitely many more)
"I have tons of interests; reading, writing, movies & TV, sewing and designing, psychology, anime & manga, I love going out; bars,clubs, pubs, bowling, conventions, random exploring, concerts, the fair, festivals, markets, raves, picnics, going camping, snow sports, other sports & activities (indoor and outdoor), the beach, the lake, etc. I love puzzles-word, jigsaw, etc. I love board games, cards, video games, LARP, tabletop RPG's, etc
I am extremely adventurous, I love to travel, I love to try new things, love to push myself to the limit by doing things that are out of the norm or even a bit scary"

I enjoy almost all types of music and movies. Am quite a homebody as of right now, but hope to get out more soon!

I hope I haven't bored you all with my rambling on, but I figured that I should tell you where I'm coming from I suppose for anyone who may be interested. So they would know a bit about what they are getting into. But honestly, if you have any of the same issues, are new to the city, are interested in being friends, pen pals, or perhaps dating send me a message (:
It's always good to have someone to talk to about your issues and I'm here to listen and talk with. Please don't let yourself be scared away by anything I've said, most things are said in uncertainty, and I really am a very friendly person (:
I'm also open to advice, places to check out that might help me, sites that might help, anything of the like.
Anyhow respond to this or send me a message, I really do hope to hear from you, have a great day
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