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Old 09-16-2011, 12:25 PM
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Default Feel guilty for even thinking about it

Okay, so I have a healthy marriage, we have been together for 4 years total. It's not perfect, but nothing too major. He's a germaphobe so he doesn't french kiss or give oral, both of which I miss. His sex drive doesn't match mine, and I'm sick of being rejected for sex. He is also prone to quitting jobs, and he doesn't make much money when he is working. I really want to have kids, but I'm concerned about finances.

When I first met some new friends, and they were talking about polyamory I was surprised and thought it was weird and icky. I told my Husband about what my new friends were saying ask asked what he thought about it. He said hell no, he would not be interested in doing that. I didn't want to either, I was just curious.

But then, I met somebody who I get along with really well. We have so much in common it's crazy. I usually go with my new friend to group events, and leave my Husband at home because he's more introverted these days. Once the three of us hung out and that was fun. New guy keeps on bringing up polyamory, though he hasn't actually said he wants to try it. He is currently single and has actually never had a girlfriend, only dated. We seem to have the same goals in life, and dream life style. I get the impression that he wants to have a MFM V relationship with me, though I can't know for sure without asking him. But, way to make it awkward and ruin a potentially great friendship.

On my part, I'm not flirting at all. Any time he brings up poly I talk about it disparagingly. But, that thought is in my head. I'm not sexually attracted to him, but that's not odd for me. It's all about the intellect, personality and common interests with me, and I could see myself digging him. The thing that I like most about him is that he makes a lot of money, I will fess up to it. I have this fantasy of taking him as a second husband and raising children together. The three of us sharing responsibilities making it easier on all of us. With him I could live a less stressful life with his financial backing.

I think I should stay platonic with him for quite a while more, get to know him much better. Who knows, our personalities might not be as well suited as I thought. But, I feel bad for even having these thoughts, even though I'm not DOING anything to betray my Husband. If I ask my Husband if he would consider it he would probably get insecure, jealous and not want me to go out with this guy any more. Which would suck. Meanwhile I don't even know if the new guy actually likes me that way, or if it's just my imagination. But if I ask him straight out, that will be like betraying my Husband, and you can't just put it back in the box once it's out there. I think I could handle my emotions, I'm not a very sensitive person, but how could I know. If we open the relationship and he starts dating somebody else I can't know how I will react. If we do start this relationship and it works out and we have children together, what is to say that we won't break up in the future and what a mess that will be! I feel like it's a silly pipe dream with way too much risk to attempt, but I'm tempted.
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