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Old 09-10-2011, 01:30 PM
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Default Gender & polyamory - research study

Hi all,

Iím a sociology & anthropology student at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Iím currently carrying out research on gender relations within polyamorous relationships and communities for my final-year dissertation -- and Iíd really like to ask for your help!

To date, there has been lots written about gender and gender relations in the context of monogamy, but few researchers or scholars have explored how gender is understood and Ďpracticedí by those with multiple partners or by those who identify as polyamorous. As someone with a personal as well as academic interest in polyamory and non-monogamy, I would like to try and redress this balance!

Therefore, I am interested in hearing from people (of any gender or sexuality - or none) who are currently in a multiple-partner relationship, or have been in the past, and/or identify as polyamorous. (To clarify: you donít need to be in a multiple partner relationship to take part nor need you identify as polyamorous.)

You do, however, need to be over 18!

The research will take the form of an email interview with myself. This is different from an online or email survey - it is my aim to try and make it more like a conversation where you are free to answer at length and in detail and to raise your own points, without having to confine your Ďanswersí to ready-made categories and boxes. I will generally send you some initial questions and would then ask you to reply with as much information as you are willing to give. I will then respond with some follow-up questions for you to consider, and so on. The length of email exchange may vary a lot depending on each particular individual - but you would always be free to withdraw from the research at any point, and you do not need to answer any questions that you feel uncomfortable with.

Participation in this study will be anonymous and confidential. You will not be asked to disclose your real name, address, phone number etc. If you like, you can set up a free email account (such as with Hotmail or Yahoo) to take part in the research if you do not want to use your main/everyday email address.

If you might be interested in taking part, you can send me an email at: 0705067c@student.gla.ac.uk and Iíll then send you a more detailed Information Sheet (which includes my full name, as well as contact details for my dissertation supervisor and Faculty ethics committee) for you to look over and consider whether or not you want to take part. Alternatively, you can send me a private message here with your email address, and Iíll send you on the Information Sheet. Contacting me does not mean you are committing yourself to taking part - it is absolutely fine if you decide not to take part after reading the Information Sheet!

Thank you very much for reading this - and hopefully I will speak to some of you soon!

- verte
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