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Old 09-02-2011, 05:16 AM
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My husband and I have been in a monogamous relationship for 6.5 years, and recently began exploring swinging/poly. After our first swinging experience I asked, and he consented, to me meeting with an acquaintance individually. This entire experience has revitalized our sex life, but the problem is I was seeing the other man about once a week, and consistently was home later than anticipated. The last time my husband asked me to be home at a certain time, and would not budge when I mentioned that it was an unrealistically short time frame and would be hard to meet, but agreed to try to be home at the appointed time. Well...things ran a little late and I was about 1.5 hours past the appointed time(btw, I was keeping him updated via text as the night went on). I had previously suggested being "grounded" for a period of time (1 hour late = 1 week no individual play time) to provide incentive to wrap it up in a timely manner, but we had not formalized the agreement and he had understood that 15 minutes late = 1 week no individual play time, so I am looking at being "grounded" for six weeks (rather than 1.5 weeks), although we had only been tossing ideas around and had not come to a formal agreement. I don't want to make him feel badly, but I feel unfairly punished by standards that I had not agreed to. Do I need to grow up and accept responsibility and consequences or does he need to realize that I am grown up and we need to clarify our expectations more clearly? Thanks for any input.
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