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Old 01-17-2011, 05:49 PM
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Default 3-person living arrangements.

Once, for a period of several weeks, while I was in a transitional time of my life, I shared living space with two other persons, a single woman and a single man. We each had our own bedrooms, but share the other spaces.

The woman and the other man had been sexually involved before I came on the scene, so I was surprised when the other man asked if I would like to be included. The first time, the woman came to my room and we had sex together, then she went to the other man's room and they did the same.

Later, the other man wanted to talk with me about the experience, and get my reactions to what had happened. I was surprised to learn that I could discuss it so easily with this "other man".

During the few weeks that we were all together, she usually came to my room first, then to his, but a few times she reversed her pattern. And, one time only, we were all three in the room while she had sex with us both in turn.

Have any others had similar experiences?
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Old 01-18-2011, 12:10 AM
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We have something similar to this now, but then we are in a loving vee relationship that includes every aspect of life. Not just sex...

What is it that you are looking for here? I am left feeling confused about your posts and threads as I don't understand what you are getting at... are you looking for others who have experienced sharing sex with the same woman for the purpose of sex sake? I doubt you will find that here? Why do you want to talk about this so much? Are you hurt because you were in love with the woman and it wasn't okay because they were just open and not poly?

I don't feel I can discuss anything with you with out your opening up and explaining your feelings... making your self more vulnerable and sharing more of the emotions behind the situation you were in rather than the horniness that occurred... there are other sites for that.

Have you done some reading here yet on what peoples experiences are? Have you looked at other sites that talk purely about sex and the dynamics that can occur? I would be willing to help you find a site that IS willing to talk about the sexual aspect of threesomes in open relationships if you need that as this isn't the place unless you want to talk about the other aspects and are willing to share more of the emotional aspect of situations.
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