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Old 10-05-2010, 03:38 AM
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Default NE Indiana Couple

Hi. My husband is on an extended business trip for the next year or so. I'm moving to Indiana for his absence to be with some friends while he's gone, and we're both interested in finding a nice girl for me to be with. It would be LDR with him, but he wants to be part of the relationship, obviously, and we're not opposed to continuing after he gets back. We're still relatively new to the poly life(discussed but actually got active this year), but we want the same thing: a meaningful relationship.

I'm not opposed to LDR, but I'm already in one of those with one partner, lol. I'd like someone who I can actually spend time with on a fairly regular basis. We're gamers(Paper and pencil and CCG mostly). I'm a massage therapist, and he's a freelance writer in his off time. We like to read. I crochet, am into art, and a bit of house wife kinda stuff. He likes MMA(Doesn't watch UFC, but he loves to practice and actually DO it), politics(leans in a direction, but like to discuss things as opposed to preaching a particular ideology), and history.

Feel free to e-mail me and I'll forward the stuff on to him. Thanks! ^^
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Old 10-05-2010, 04:52 AM
monkelvaan monkelvaan is offline
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Hi. I'm the husband so spoken of. Feel free to contact me as well, and I'll make sure she gets it too. I'm defaulting LDR for the forseeable future, but I trust Elvaan's thoughts on the physical side of the house. I'm really more interested in finding someone who likes discussion, and conversation while I'm gone. When I get back... I'm pretty open.

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