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Old 12-27-2011, 04:44 PM
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Default NJ young couple seeking third

hi friends,

i'm new to this forum but not to the seemingly unending quest of finding someone to complete (for the moment) our relationship i'm 24, my fiance is 23, and we're super in love--been together 5 years, gone through a lot, extremely loyal. he told me a few years ago he'd be interested in polyamory, and after much discussion and crying and confusion, i finally understand what it is he has been talking about. he's deeply lonely, and i could use a friend i really care about, which could possibly turn into a sexual relationship as well. i want us both to feel happy and loved. in the end, life is short, and the people we love are all we have,

long story short, we're looking for a bi female. possibly in the future we could expand to a couple, but for the moment one is enough, i think! we've gone on many dates with people, but no one was quite right. one was only in it for sex (sex is great! but only sex, without an emotional connection, is not fulfilling for us), and so on. we're quiet and intelligent and like to stay in rather than go out. we're adorable! please get to know us!

so, could you be the one? pretty please? you'd have to be intelligent, willing to be sexual with both a male and a female (not right away, but eventually), sensitive, and somewhat in our area.

thanks all for listening

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