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Old 12-01-2011, 09:34 PM
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Post Marinia ~ Love Life

This shall be my journal on my love life... it shall be rough. I will use sailor language and will be simply me. I am writing to help me keep track. I care not if someone reads this. I am especially not expecting anything. Sometimes your life is easier to comprehend if you write it from the moment and how you feel as it happens. I also find I can sort things through more easily this way.

12/1/2011 @ 2:31 pm.
Today T came over on his lunch break around noon or so. I missed him. I haven't had alone time with him in a week or more (time is hard to keep track of lately as I keep speeding forward on this possibly derailing train!).
I was taking my boots off on the couch at my father's. I was here alone. T knocked on the door after I had texted him inviting him over. I got butterflies. This always happens when I see him. I can't help smiling, which makes him smile. I missed him SO MUCH. When B was down in Florida (big back story I'll be working towards), it was just T and I.
We had SO much alone time then. Now that's impossible or we have 'family' time. I also am wary of having too much alone time with him, fearing hurting B or making her jealous or feeling alone.
So I threw myself out the door at him and just flung myself all over him. I missed his smell. He was smelling like sweat and work... good combination! ^.^
We kissed a ton. I couldn't help giggling like a little girl. He had shaved his face recently. It scratched all over my face with its roughness which I can still feel tingling with a little burn from the raw friction. I couldn't stop holding him. He was with me on the couch as I just held close to him. I let B know he was over via text. She got to being herself, worried and upset. I don't blame her. Sad face.
His stomach rumbled so I knew he was hungry. I led him to the fridge to feed him. I want to take care of him/baby his needs. I don't show it. Or I act like he's a man - he can do it. T is 23. I don't let him know I want so much to do everything for him.

I showed him a music video: 'Arrows' by Fireworks (very cute!) while he ate a pizza boat.
We have so many like interests I never fear showing him something new. I showed him American Beauty the other week and he loved it so much he went and bought it ^.^
I kept kissing him. He smokes (not happy or mad about it, like I would have been if it had been anyone else), so he tasted like cigarettes. I was drinking Dr. Pepper so that's what I tasted like apparently

I am naturally a very sexual person, so of course I got pretty excited. He could tell and he did as well. I climbed on top of him to kiss him and I feel very passionate that way. One thing led to another to the guest bedroom.
We had sex/made love? slowly. I asked him a couple weeks back what he thought it was we did when we were intimate in a physical, intercourse, way. I asked if we made love. He said we did sometimes. I asked if we fucked ever, he said yes. Usually I like it fast or rough so I consider it fucking then. But lately the slow and tender way has been more appealing. We made love, yes, made love today.
It was lovely.

He held me a bit again downstairs when we were dressed again. We texted B because we had neglected to do so in our selfish desires. I told her we did stuff and I was sorry I didn't reply right away. He had to leave for work again, which made my heart heavy.
B wasn't doing well. She spam texts or calls...

At first she texted: What are you doing? I tell you everything all the time . .
-Which for one is partially true. She texts alot, I'm not that way usually. I am not huge for technology. She tells me yes, sometimes in a gloating way. Either way though I don't get upset. The very first time they were together when she got back though, I loathed it and I felt sick. We weren't really 'together' wholly per say then though. And then she tried to rub it in my face. She insisted then that it had to hurt and blah blah blah... it did but I acted tough to avoid upsetting T.

I didn't respond so she continued: I love you. Sorry if i was frustrated.
She was. Still was.

She spammed it three times. We finished at this point and I texted her back. I simply said sorry for not texting. We did naughty things*
*that's what we call it. Never sex.

She texted back: I figured. No sorry. Sex with you is better for him than it is with me. Ill live with it.

Which makes me feel like dirt... Some back story now! The first threesome we had ended in sex. B and I already had orgasms and we wanted T to cum. We wanted it to end with him going back and forth having sex with us. I watched him in amazement have sex with her and marveled in her body tremors and I wanted to learn how to make her do that. I watched ever excited and happy ^.^ Then he did with me. He faced me, me on bottom. He went slow. His face looked pained... I was pretty sure he was close to cumming. Then he went back to B. He did it fast and hard with her. I was sad because I wanted that. When he came back it was slow again. B said he couldn't cum in only one of us, it wouldn't be fair. He pulled out and went all over us. I was upset I didn't get the fast she had gotten but I got over it quickly. I went to work. She wasn't happy he went slow with me and fast her. She asked him about why he did it differently. He said we gave him different sensations. We felt different. B can't ever leave it alone. She was curious and asked. I don't blame her. He said why which she regretted. I haven't been with many people. She has. he explained he has to go slower with me because it feels so good because I am tighter... ... ... ... ... She is still pained by this.

I felt like poo and she felt that so she made amends quickly.
She sent: Im in a bad mood. . You didn't do anything wrong. Dont be proud of me (I had told her I was because she was working). I love you! I fucking miss you. But its whatever. I dont think I should talk to you right now because i might be mean. . And i dont want to be.

Then right away she texted, Im sorry. Im ok. i miss you

it's okay now and we're texting. The conversation they had about our first threesome wasn't what she or I had wanted.
And this past threesome didn't help...

We had already done stuff and he had already came but later we (B and I) decided we just wanted penis, not too much threesome stuff. We did help him touch the other but not like the other times. So we were doing that. He made her cum. She wanted him to make me cum and I really wanted that ha ha ha! She said I had to tell him how to do it to make me cum. I said I wanted it fast and hard. He was doing good and I was almost there... Until he slowed and said, "Baby, I came." I pulled out from under him and flung myself onto B. She was silent for a long time... It was night time so we all laid in the dark. She was upset. I whispered over and over I was sorry and that I hadn't wanted him to do that. She said it was okay. After forever when she was okay she pulled T towards us and made a Marinia sandwich. i still felt bad so T had my back and she had my front. I wouldn't acknowledge him much. We resolved it though.

I got on here and joined this for guidance, help, venting without telling people I actually know. So I've been here since good decision on my part.
I hope this message wasn't too graphic? I hope not. Someone let me know please! I just felt like all that was relevant and not graphic just to be graphic.
T promised to come over after work too.

Shit! It's now, 3:26 pm....
I have to work tonight at 10... I need sleep.
T gets off in half an hour to an hour goodnight journal and www.polyamory.com

P.s. B just called. I think she thinks T is already here... She gets so jealous, but it's warranted. I'll get to that soon.

P.s.s. sometimes though I do get overwhelmed by her constant pressing. But she'll accuse me of seeing him in the morning when he's not even at owrk yet. Or she'll worry he hasn't texted her or I and she's worried he's cheating.

P.s.s.s. She said I could bring another guy into the relationship if I ever wanted someone else. She said it could never be another girl (this is out of insecurity I know).

P.s.s.s.s. T said I could only bring in a girl if I ever wanted someone else, because he is insecure too, although he won't say so.

it's not 3:34
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Old 12-03-2011, 07:39 PM
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Exclamation Entry 2

It is 12/03/2011. It is 12:59 pm.
T is on lunch... want him to see me... !!!

I'm on the couch as Savannah chats at me. (My stepmom ^.^ I'll go to that in my life journal!!!) I'm tired. I try to talk back but I'm tired and she chats... A-flipping-LOT.

He hasn't texted back...
It's snowing big flakes outside.... YAY!

Anyways the last few days have been turbulent...
After T saw me Thursday he was supposed to come see me after work... he didn't. It was okay because I was asleep... B saw me but I didn't even know it, I slept and she didn't want to wake me really.
This was all fine. I didn't care.
I found out she told T I was asleep so he wouldn't come.
Just found out he's not coming... crushed...
Anyways on with the story.
So he didn't come, which was okay... but she had him come see her instead................................
It's just a little frustrating. I felt like she went behind my back...
I expressed this to her. It was okay after a frustrating conversation. She gets frustrated that I get upset.

Like last night... T planned on staying tonight. I planned on this. B had a couple nights alone with him. I had a couple nights alone with her. It would only be fair if I got one with him. I saw him maybe an hour this entire week. He doesn't work tomorrow. I planned on him staying tonight and them both staying tomorrow night and he could just drive to work Monday morning from my apartment. I tried to tell her this. She got very upset saying, I could have them both that night. Which is true. But then she wanted me alone Sunday night... I said I didn't want that. She said she was leaving.

I got frustrated and T wasn't going to stay. But I texted them both saying:
I was sick of the mind games. I'm simple. I'm easy going. This is too complicated. I had to deal with this with L*... the manipulation to get what he wanted.
L is my ex.

T said he was stressed too. B said it was true and she was sorry. He could stay but she just wished I'd push for us all. I did, just not how she wanted.

T said he was going to stay. B said have a good night and weekend meaning she was pissed.
I texted her saying I found it unfair how she wanted it.
She apologized. I went to work..........................

It's not like I can do anything sexually, curse you female body. I just want to talk to him is all.

But now that might be ruined. It is a L's birthday. We've been getting along well. It'd mean alot to him. But it's T's day off tomorrow and I pushed so hard for him to stay.....

I always double book myself, not intentionally...

I texted T saying he should come on lunch so I could talk to him. He said he couldn't come. Or B asked him not to...
I asked him to come after he was off of work. I just texted B and asked if that would be fine. I hope so. Waiting for her reply.

Savannah is chatting at me again... love her but...

Maybe I'll write more after she gets back to me? I'll do that. This way I can start my life journal. . . ! Brilliant.
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Old 12-03-2011, 08:47 PM
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Talking Entry 2 Continued.

B texted.

It's okay.

Maybe I'll instead write our crappy history...


This will be long... I have a bad time with writing posts, I usually hit a button and it'll all be erased. CROSSING MY FINGERS!!!

I started work about 6 months ago (HOLY COW TIME FLIES)!!!
I was engaged to L. L and I kind of fell out of love and we were just fighting. But I defended us because I always had to. My family didn't like L, stating he's unmotivated, which he is.
I was so stressed and hurt by L because he had lied to me about major things twice, each for over a year and a half!!! I felt betrayed. On top of it, he backed out of going to a college with me so I settled on the local community college to stay near him. Then in the summertime we were going to get an apartment together. We found the perfect cozy apartment. We could afford it together. But he backed out and he lost it to someone else. It was one of those apartments people aren't going to leave easily...
Then last year we ever supposed to get married on our anniversary... He backed out... He left me those times I feel emotionally. I finally left big commitments alone. I couldn't be mad but... I was hurt. He said he wanted these things. But when the chance came... nothing. I left like the world was spinning around me. I had family issues and I needed him and he left me on so many fronts. I was on a merry-go-round spinning round and round and he wasn't there when it slowed and the dust settled. i can only see this in retrospect.

So I started work. I pretended I was okay with everything, or well was disillusioned... and then I met T. Cue complications.

I worked overnights. We have to stay over our time sometimes because we have a huge work load with little allotted time. T works days. He comes in at 7.
The first morning I saw him I was embarrassed. He caught me leaning on a ladder with my boobs resting on a rung. He smiled his sly smile. ^.^ It was a nice smile. He said good morning. I removed myself from the ladder and returned his morning with a morning and smile. I'm friendly. It's my nature. That's all it was that first time. The second time was the next day and he came in early. I was walking with a coworker, bitching about how I lost my name badge (which is a constant battle for me, I'm so forgetful!). T saw me. We smiled.
The next time I saw him he said he tried to add me on FB... I was creeped out. I didn't know him. I barely add people unless I actually know them. I even joked to L about it. I checked and I didn't see any friend requests. The next time I saw him was a week later. I told him I didn't think he tried to add me, there's someone with a similar name, and to try again. Again I got nothing.
The next day I saw him again. I told him I still had nothing. He said my last name. I told him that was right.
I was creeped out. He knew my last name... How did he find it out before finding me on FB?* I told my friends, family, and L. But just said it was a little creepy.
*He remembered that I had lost my name badge. So he looked at a board that we have posted to get new badges. Which is sweet, in my opinion.

I didn't get anything still.
A few weeks passed until I saw him again. In the meantime L and I fought alot and I felt so alone, our friends had just gone off to college. I missed them and decided I wanted more friends. I wanted my own friends though. L and I had only all mutually close friends. I wanted my own group I had. I started looking. I decided work was a good place for friends. There are no females under 40 on overnights. It was going to have to be guys, which is okay. They were plentiful and within age range to actually be able to relate. I've always been able to connect to guys more anyway. I have more common interests. I'm a 'bro', my friends and coworkers joke. I became friends with one coworker already, Nick. L was okay with that. I decided T was okay to talk to. Because in the meantime he'd come into work early just to help me. He was sweet and we'd talk. We had so many common interests.
I got up the nerve to give him my cell number. I trusted him enough.
So we talked a few weeks via text. L and I grew distant because he started working too and getting meaner. One day L and I fought badly. I wanted out of my house and I felt alone. I texted T asking if he wanted to. It was cute, because he was like, Really??
He was astonished I wanted to ^.^

We went to the local orchard. He was very shy. On the way we talked about L. And his ex B. He still cared for him but she had left him on bad grounds (accusing him of cheating, when he hadn't). She left him to go down to Florida. He said she wanted him to buy her a ticket to come back, but he wasn't sure if he wanted her to come back. I did most of the talking. We fed the petting zoo animals. Then laid in the grass. It was nice. he scooted close to me. I didn't mind. We went in and got apples and food. I paid for it all, as he had given me a ride and I felt bad because he lived in a town 20 miles away. We looked at the furniture in the store upstairs. We talked and laughed a lot. I hadn't giggled that way in so long. We ate caramel apples. I could tell he was attracted to me. It was so very sweet and innocent. I hadn't felt good like that in awhile. On the way back to my house a couple hours later he tried to hold my hand. I said I couldn't I had L. And he had a girlfriend/ex-girlfriend thingy. He wished he had me.

Fuck. I wrote so much and got only so far (not far at all!)
I have to go pick up my roommate for work. Hopefully this gets published by the time I get back? So I can write more...

P.s. It's 2:44 pm.
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Old 12-16-2011, 04:10 PM
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... It was so very sweet and innocent. I hadn't felt good like that in awhile. On the way back to my house a couple hours later he tried to hold my hand. I said I couldn't I had L. And he had a girlfriend/ex-girlfriend thingy. He wished he had me....continued just to finish it...

We hit off very well and planned on hanging out more. A few days later I texted him asking if I could come over, and that I needed a place to sleep before work because my family was home and very loud. He said it'd be okay. I drove there, 20 miles north of where I currently lived. He let me in. I was so impressed with all of his things. We talked and looked at all his things. I asked him about alot of it. We shared so many interests. I asked if I could lay down. He said it'd be fine. I laid in his bed as he sat beside me and started a movie to help me sleep. Super (title). I asked him to hold me. He did. He got excited I could feel. He apologized. I told him not to. We kissed. We had sex. This was a mistake. I wasn't completely broken up with L. We were not talking and I didn't know exactly where we stood.

I liked T by this time a lot. This is no excuse. I'm not defending my actions. I was in the wrong.

We had sex multiple times. That one day. I went to work. He made me so happy.
I don't remember much. I think we kept hanging out that week. We kept having sex. L and I didn't talk. We had so much sex I got a uti. Sex with him was pure bliss. He's very gracious. L wasn't so much. Sex with L hadn't felt right in about a year and we stopped having sex several months previous to me and T meeting.

We did this a couple weeks. I finally broke up with L.

During this time, B messaged me on FB informing me of her existence and that she was with T.
She actually had messaged me when T first added me on FB. She said she was with him and I needed to leave him alone. Now he didn't say exactly what their relationship was like, but I didn't push to find out. I just told him the past didn't matter if the present was happy.

He said they weren't really together because she had left. He did leave out though that he was sending her presents and love. He still said he loved her everyday. I didn't know this. I didn't push. I thought, from what I had collected, that she was probably just jealous and upset he was getting over her. She had left him, was my whole basis for a lot of things. She left and was dating a female. Intimately.
So I took what she first said with a big grain of salt.

I wanted to be his friend without her having say. It was his life. I told her we were just friends. We were at this point.
Me = needing self help

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Old 12-16-2011, 04:26 PM
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A few days later though is the time we first had sex...
getting sleepy will write more some time later today
Me = needing self help
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Old 12-20-2011, 04:04 AM
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I can relate to the feeling of just not knowing.
And being "sucked in"

Even though you know your making a choice.. you feel trapped and held there.
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Old 12-22-2011, 01:08 AM
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How is everything going?? I hope you're doing well!
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Old 12-04-2011, 01:29 AM
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I wish I had started this from the very beginning. So much has happened... And I'm going to forget some and remember it after the fact and have to go back.
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Old 12-04-2011, 01:39 AM
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I used to want marriage and a family. Be it mono or poly.
Now I sorta don't.
T doesn't for sure, B used to.
She said they were talking about marriage... I wish T would talk to me about things like this... That was before me though. Some days I feel like T loves me more. Today not so much. B is getting a lot.
When do I get some?
Could we all live together? I think I'd be happier than this. But I think we'd fight too? Is it too soon?
Marriage would be cool at times. T is too wild for one woman to tame I think. Sometimes I wish he'd want to marry me. Dad thinks we'll end up that way... HA HA HA.
I could like being his wife... well then there's B. Maybe we could not be married but have some ceremony. Would I want all this. Sometimes I do, others I don't.
Me = needing self help
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Old 12-05-2011, 08:48 PM
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As for all the things I had written. It doesn't matter now.

It's over. Last night was the worst.
I'm trying to pretend it's okay. I have to be strong for B. I bitched so much about her. I was just so frustrated. It wasn't right. I love her and she's gone through a lot and I've hurt her. I wish she'd move on. She loves me, and I love her. I'm not worth her time though. I hurt her so much.

Last night it was our night all alone. The night before T didn't stay... whatever. Fuck him, I'll get to that. He didn't stay and I instead celebrated L's birthday with him and my roommate Cory.

So the beginning. The day started out well together. My family took me to eat breakfast. We got along well, last week we weren't getting along at all. I tried calling my father last Monday because I was depressed and stressed. He just chastised me instead of comforting me. Thanks dad, kick me while I'm down So I was very upset now. So I called my sister to see if i could come sleep on her couch. She was sleeping and said I'd just be a bitch when she needed to wake me... So I hung up my phone and just shut it off. They got worried but I was so upset and I had needed them.
Anyways we got along okay at lunch. So then we went to the mall to get my nephew to take pictures with Santa.
B and T came. I asked B what she wanted for Christmas. She said she wanted me to tell my family about us. I agreed. My family isn't too open about things like this, but they'd been asking questions. I was not caring about how they would treat me, they've been rotten in the past. I said I would. I was so happy. She and I took pictures with Santa. It was so awesome.
T wasn't talking much, being himself. We went and got groceries so B could make us dinner. I talked to B about things I had felt but hid in fear of getting hurt. I asked B if she thought we were going to be a permanent thing. She thought/hoped so. I did too. She asked him. He said yes. I talked to her about how I had been reading about successful poly relationships. Some that even included children. I told her maybe we could all be like that someday because sometimes I wanted children. I knew she did. T didn't want to talk about it in public. We didn't talk to him about the family thing. We talked about how it would be easier for us all if we lived in an apartment together. I wanted this, but feared it being too soon. We'd only be a successful poly couple for a month.
Me = needing self help
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