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Old 06-05-2011, 01:27 AM
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Question Hi and a little about our 'family'

Hi I'm Nini, I'm almost 20 and come from the lovely NZ. I'm an out and proud lesbian and I've also known that monogamy wasn't for me for some time now (about 4 or so years) although I didn't really have the word for it straight away.

I am not currently in a romantic or sexual relationship with anyone but I am what I call the "Platonic entity/component" of a newly polyamorous relationship.

What I mean by this is that I have a close tie to the others in the relationship but I am not sexually or romantically involved with anyone in the relationship for many reasons.

The others are my older sister (I'll refer to her as "Sis") her husband of 1 and 1/2 years (I'll be calling him Bil) and her girlfriend of about 2 weeks, a male to female transgender (I'll be calling her Gee)

Sis and I have been very close since we we're little kids and we knew that we always wanted to live together and raise our children together and so far we have no kids but we do live together.

I get along pretty well with Bil, although we bicker and make fun of one another like little kids do with siblings. I know that if I was really in trouble and needed him, he'd be there and I do love him, just as an older brother.

Gee and I met first and got to know one another and did consider dating but I knew in my heart that I couldn't go through with it, Gee had also previously had sex with our (mine and Sis's) younger brother, who is a female to male trans. Gee and Sis hit it off almost straight away and fell in love pretty quickly and after a while Sis asked Bil how he felt about her dating Gee and having a poly relationship.

Bil agreed to it and we (us girls mostly) sat down and discussed what it meant and what rules we needed to help make this work, we found a support group in our area that we want to go to.

One of the main reasons I am considered to be a part of this relationship is the Gee and I are planing to have children together (conceiving without sex) and I also live in the house (Gee does not yet)

We haven't told many people yet and no one except me on our side of the family knows yet.

The relationship isn't closed although Sis isn't looking for anyone else right now, I am looking for a romantic/sexual partner/partners and Bil is allowed to have other lover/s if he chooses.

I was wondering if anyone else had someone/s in their relationships who are purely platonic in their involvement?
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