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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Woot, how did you figure out I was talking about myself while I tried to be very theoretical to avoid suspicions that this might be based on my life !
I guess I always assume (a) is the person speaking, thats more where my confusion came from

No, seriously, Mr. Sweets and VanillaIce are planning to go on a 'date' next week (by date we mean replenish their energies with food prior to a night of physically demanding horizontal mambo). Mr. Sweets, Windflower and I are a triad. I have a couple-relation with Vanilla. Thinking ahead of myself as I'm wont to do, if the thing between Mr. and Vanilla evolves into something more, will it mean I am now involved in two triads (an hourglass figure from my relationship)? Or do triads by definition require hanging out in and out of bed in threes?
Depends on how you define a triad. Believing a sexual relationship finishes the romantic relationship, I would never call a triad anything but a sexual & romantic relationship between all 3. That would be a V.

Some people do have "loving triads" that don't include sex.

So I guess thats really your call. haha

I am trying to quit caffeine .
I tried once.. many moons ago. Its not worth the pain. I have quite so many other things, the addiction gods kind suck it in regards to caffeine.. hahaha

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