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I'm not beating myself up about it.
Good. I am glad. You have the right to meet your own needs.

I don't need a few days, a few months, breathing space, or anything. Time isn't going to change this one.
That's not what I suggest the space for.

If the decision you are at is you removing yourself from a situation where you cannot thrive, because you are no longer willing? You have that right. If you are looking at divorce then... the space/time is to let the other people digest the news and cool off and consult with their professionals --lawyer, mediators, etc. Ditto you -- get your thoughts together for proceedings with your professionals.

Hopefully so all can be able to move through the divorce proceedings in a calmer zone as a result of a break and not be all "hot head" about it. Divorce proceedings sometimes are extremely difficult because people's emotions are running high.

You are already away taking a holiday so -- good for you for meeting your own needs. You have to put your oxygen mask on first.

However it is you all arrived at this place, however it is that all players helped create the situation, it is clear you all cannot STAY here if various players are just NO LONGER WILLING. (The husband, maybe the GF too from the sound of it.)

Not good for any of you to stay stuck there.

So could get on with the business of disbanding then. As quick, clean, and fair as possible. Get everyone to the healing place faster.


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