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Thanks for the thought... I think back to other relationships were this honestly I would be 100% ok with. But with her I want all of her not parts of. On top of that she already has a very well established relationship with another man whom I really don't know that well. I'm the outsider here between her and him. I play the situation out over in my head and think that I would constantly be trying to make sure he knew I was number one and at the same time be questioning whether she was truly happy with me or not. How often does it work when in a situation like mine? On top of everything else my fear is being outed for being a part of this at work. My position and job would possibly be in some jeapordy for having this kind of relationship. Not that they could fire me over it they would just blackball me and try to force me out. I make a great income and provide for her and I and my kids while she is in school. We would be in a dire situation if something leaked.
As for the wedding plans...(sigh) I guess that is a really valid point.

as for the deadline though...why?

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