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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
And it is still not Polyamory and therefore, as already stated, doesn't belong in this section.
It actually depends on the kind of relationships they have set-up, it could be by choice or not be by choice, I guess you're right if it is NOT be choice then it is not polyamory as it is more like slavery.~

But some cultures embrace such concepts even if they ARE by choice, such as 10 women falling in love with the same man and the man can not choose, it is possible.~

But I suppose Harems would be too complicated as a subject. There are plenty of kinds of polyamory in different cultures when it's done by choice, so I stand by what I said, this thread does still have some connection to polyamory.~

But the subjects discussed here would probably be too broad for most people to pick through to find some thing about ployamory. Since polyamory is not the main subject of this thread any more, I will create another thread re-made to be about learning about different people and cultures.~

Toodles!~ ^_^


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