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Originally Posted by NewHusband View Post
3 sex is a big deal for me and not hardly at all for her. Finding something that works for both of us is hard. I feel like I end up waiting for her to be ready a lot and just never being sure how things are going to go or when we might next have sex. I'm finding it very hard to branch out and find people to talk to or be more than just casual friends with, while she has a fairly sizable group of females that are bi and poly to talk to and basically everything besides meeting up to have sex.

I find this interesting. What are you guys looking for in poly? I am a very sexual person and enjoy being with both nudge and j...will it be bothersome to you if you get less sex than you like from your wife, but she is with other people? though i guess the flip side of that is that you'll be with other people too
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