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By "mono"...

Do you mean monoamorous (desire or capacity to love one person) and poly friendly? Because you could be the partner to a hinge person in a "V" shape thing? But don't want to be a hinge yourself? You just want one partner for you?

Or do you mean monoamorous and monogamous (where you prefer your romances to be 1-on-1 exclusive in configuration?)

If the first scenario -- you could be ok in a polyship if all your wants/needs/limits are met.

If the second -- it's going to rub against the grain at some point. Perhaps best not to go there?
It just feels like all the poly relationships could really bleed over into the others and cause a great big mess.
That is part of the deal. That polymath. If one of the "mini relationships" inside the greater polyship is wonky, ripples will be felt in the other tiers. For good or for bad -- depends on the people in the polyship in question.


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