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Default Question for the emotionally sensitive

I'm curious about something when you have several dedicated couples going. Say your mate is having some stress in one of his other relationships. Do you feel that when he comes home? Does it change the quality of the time you spend together? Is he distracted and therefore cannot be as intent on you? I'm worried about this because I am an incredibly self-aware person and guys are not always known to be incredibly aware about what they're feeling and how that's affecting the people they're with. I'm also incredibly sensitive to changes in other people's behavior. I will know immediately when something's wrong but when I try and broach it I get an "Everything's fine." I know it's not and it severely tanks the quality of the time we spend together because his head is somewhere else entirely. So if you run in to this problem and it's caused by the extraneous relationships, how do you deal with it? Do you have rules in place to keep this from happening?
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