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I can't think of any women who would knowingly volunteer to get involved with a guy so he can feel things are even with his wife. I know I wouldn't. I'm not a trophy, a toy, nor a fluffer. I only want a man to be with me because he desires me and is turned on by getting to know me.

You want to feel better in your relationship with your wife? Ask for what you need from her. That doesn't mean necessarily vetoing her other relationships, but if there are things she is neglecting you need to ask for her to give you more attention. If there are boundaries that would help, negotiate. If you and your wife need to schedule regular date nights in order to romance each other, do it. I would also make sure you have a well-rounded fulfilling life whether she is there by your side or not. Friends, activities, passions, so that she isn't the center of your universe. Getting a girlfriend to do that for you won't help, and it would just be using someone.
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