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@redpepper: thanks for your kind thoughts. I doubt I'll totally leave the forums...this is a really helpful place!!! River and I are just beginning our offline conversation--he obviously has some huge wisdom on all this; but I do and will continue to value many voices.

Had a lovely visit with my boyfriend last night. Husband seems yet a bit distant today, but I'm realizing this may be the case for a while as he/we process new paradigms, and explore new horizons.

As River said several posts back, we're shining a flashlight into a huge dark space. Hopefully we gradually get more powerful lighting!

A request: do you quickly know of any recommended threads that would be of help to my husband? He's somewhat open to this...needs to, perhaps, hear from other people who are more traditional while their spouses are more desirous of expanding.

And in time, I hope to be in a position to provide support to others via these forums.
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