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Firstly thank you for writing such an indepth reply to both.
I can answer honestly in saying the answer is no for the other person to have another partner outside. You ask for the reason. The reason is we are enough of a relationship to share. I have already stated that we are both very individual people who happen to be married. We both need our space, and enjoy it so when we are together, with others. Not stifled in any way.
Would someone feel outside? Maybe I think that a trial run, maybe just a holiday with us first would be the way to go. Let them see us, come several times if they enjoy the space we have. This is not our relationship, but an extension and a new one.
What if a woman loved me more? Mmm well parents are often in the same place with children. No one likes to admit it but it happens. My husband has experienced me with other women, only that relationship - not including him.
Equally it could be that the woman adored my husband, but did not want to include me. That could happen too.
Life is not perfect, and by reading what you write I so appreciate where you are coming from, thank you for you thoughts, ideas, thought provocation.
Fact is my life is pretty full, I like what I do, my hubby is selfish too in his life, so we do have room to spare to share the bits we do, or not, and more. It would be so cool for someone to be the one who shared it all. The best of both worlds.
Thank you for giving me more to think about. Hope I have answered your questions.
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