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Kevin, Thank you for those wonderful words of love!~ ^_^ Love you dude!~ I am going to answer your points now, I don't mean for any of my words to be offensive or angry sounding, so please try to understand that if they do.~

I don't know what channels you've been watching, but all the 'documentary' channels I have seen and from I've read about online have given me information about just how all kinds of non-Human creatures do things that are constantly banned in many Human societies like:

Male Orangutans primarily from Human gathered research either sit around and wait for the females to come to them in which case the males often develop "enlarged cheeks on their faces" as a result of this behavior supposedly OR the Male Orangutans will travel around and rape any females they come across,

many male creatures will kill infants to make the female go into heat so she will mate with them to produce "their" children, Polar Bears "eat" the infant Polar Bears to force the female to bear "his" children,

some Male Dolphins will some times surround a female Dolphin and starve her until she agrees to mate with them, Bottlenose Dolphins will rape and torture other kinds of Dolphins if put in the same tank with them, Dolphins are actually no different from Sharks only the Sharks "look" more "vicious" as they both eat the same things,

Shamu? a Killer Whale "Killer Whale" it's in the name these creatures "kill" "whales" they are like giant sharks they have been described as the "wolves of the whale world" so don't expect them to be all cuddly in the wild or even at Sea World as it HAS happened at least once or twice,

just because some thing may "look" cute doesn't mean it isn't capable of doing things that if it was a Human doing them that "Human" would be considered "an abomination upon Humanity and this world".~

The thing is we don't really know any thing at all about how the lives of other species outside of our own work in accordance with that species' own perspective on it.~

We don't know if other species actually practice or even comprehend 'morality' as those in the Human species seem to do, or if they do but they decided to 'discard it' since it's subjectivity is far too unreliable to use as a way of thinking.~

We have no idea about the way that other species 'think' or how their lives 'work' in 'their' point of view and so we only guess at the best what is really going on with them.~

This does not make us 'higher' than them in any sort of 'non-subjective' way, this does not 'make their behavior justifiable in a non-subjective' way, and this does not 'make us any kind of 'experts' or 'professionals' on them in a way that is not subjective or relative to our own species'.~

The point is we truly don't know and any claim made otherwise of one by our own species is simply pure arrogance, narcissism, ignorance, and foolishness.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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