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I really appreciate everyones responses. I think I need to clarify what I am not understanding. Because it's not about snooping or going behind someones back. If I were to check into a potential date history, I would ask/tell them. I check with Karma before reading his e-mail.

I understand why you would be upset if someone were snooping. It would upset me.

I guess where I am confused is with in a marriage or a close relationship why is the need for privacy there? I have some sort of mind block there that I am just not getting the need to keep things private from your spouse or long term partner.

As for would the other people in the e-mails want me reading or knowing their info. All I can say there is that all of our friends know that we share everything and if they don't want it shared, they need to say something. Mostly b/c we are friends with so many of the same people, it's just easier to relay it to eachother than that person having to go through it twice. And alot of the time we bounce ideas of how to help said friend off of eachother.

Other partners? I obviously get that certain parts of the relationship may not be shared with me. No big deal. That is Karma respecting their relationship.
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