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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
Can someone explain why privacy is such a huge issue?
Hey Mohegan,

Well one common thing, but certainly not the only, is the power/control element.
The more anyone knows about you, the more potential control/power they have over you. Think blackmail although there's much more potential in much more subtle things than that.
But depending on someones life - professional, social, political etc, you really develop a "need' for feeling security of privacy. And there is variation even within relationships on how much we trust a person's wisdom and good judgement. No matter how much we 'love' them !
This is often more a concern if we are networking or in relationship a lot with people who live by your model of open book / nothing to hide. In general, people like that develop patterns of .........yapping....about anything and everything that has conversational value. There's times we just don't want or can't tolerate our private lives flown like a flag.

Make sense ?

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