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When I was married and we were poly, I made it a point to try to at least let my husband's girls meet me or have some correspondence ahead of time so they knew that I was in on it, I was ok with it, and really that he wasn't just some guy lying to them to cheat on his wife. I saw no problem with doing this nor would I have had any issue with him doing the same. I didn't always bring it up to him, but honestly..I never thought about whether or not I should. It seemed more like that was my creation of a relationship and bond with that girl, it wasn't just about him and her but was about me and her as well. I can see where it might bother some people..but the question I would ask is what could you possibly mess up for him if he's being 100% honest with both of you? Maybe that's my paranoid side talking and he just wants his privacy about the matter, but it would make me wonder a bit.
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