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Originally Posted by crisare View Post
And where did I say she had to use the same term?

What I said was that *I* would consider the relationship she described to be that of a lover. I then asked her to explain what she considers a "lover" if this isn't it.
After she clearly explained what the term means to her, you have continued to address the fact that she's using a different word than you would. That would suggest that you're more concerned about the word she uses than the meaning behind the word. I could be wrong.

I'm getting really frustrated with you telling me what I can and can't ask and what I can and can't say, Ceoli. This isn't the first time you've done it to me.
Please feel free to provide examples of when I've told you what you can or can't ask or say and I'd be happy to address it and/or clarify.
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