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Raven - in the previous exchange, you were right to react to that statement. I, too, was propagating the "multiple monogamy" version of poly, even to defend that against others who talked about the term applying to swinging and other forms of ope relationships.

In many talks with many people here and at home, I have discarded that POV as pointless, divisive, and not even applicable to my own situation. I was also absent from these boards for a while. WHen I came back, I was astonished at the way some posts here attacked different POV's, and when I began to post again those 'attacks' quickly turned to me and my new POV as well.

No, they're not always direct, personal, attacks (though some are). But when people post that your relationship does't qualify as poly, or that certain behaviours 'don't count' and 'aren't poly' on a board where people are looking for support in poly relationships, it's going to be taken harshly whether or not it was intended as such.

To answer all of the above - because the terminilogy is different to different people, lol. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Not hard to grasp. The word 'fuck' is't even derogatoryu or offensive to a lot of people anymore!
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