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Well, being in my situation, it's a difficult answer to answer. Unlike the two previous post, my husband and I have never previously discussed anything other than a "christian" lifestyle. A few years ago, I cam out and told him i have ssa's and was considering having a gf. We have been married 10 years but have been together since I was 15. He was shocked and has still not definatively answered the "question" or explained what he thought.

After researching the LGBTQ community and knowing what i was looking for, another married women to have a relationship with and not just play or swing with. I decided i wanted someone who would eventually meet my daughter and my husband, maybe go on vacations with us and be "family". my daughter would treat her like an aunt etc. i would do the same for her family. So I realized, this sounds poly. So i started researching polyamorous ny. and joined as many groups as i could find and trying to learn as much as possible.

I'm a straight forward person so I totally told him, right away I was considering a poly lifestyle. He still hasnt said anything but i fully intend on this. I am open and honest.. soo i just flat out told him. but currently i'm still in "limbo". I think he thinks because i haven't had any interactions with anyone who's poly OR bi, it's not really going to happen. I think he's put it on the back burner, but we'll see.

this probably didn't provide the desired outcome some may wish for, so maybe my method of just flat out telling your so isn't the best, lol.

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