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Originally Posted by RainbowDreamscape View Post
"how open minded are we in our relationship?". Would we be open to bringing others in? How would he react if I needed another lover?
I love how respectfully you approached this. You said it in terms of "we" and not "I" and I think that is a very good place to start in poly. It really is about both of you when you start with a couple. The dynamic you will embark on is about everyone after that and there is changes that come with that, but to know that it is about both of you from the beginning is very reassuring I would think for your partner.
Originally Posted by RainbowDreamscape View Post
He responded by saying that he acknowledged that he cannot give much more at this point in his life. And that he would be open to learning more & I insisted that all terms be agreed upon... So nothing is hidden or in the dark. So we are reading the resources together & we shall see how this goes.
Good for you doing this with him rather than without. If this new person that you for see is to be made real and be a positive then it is great that you are both on board! Now to boundary setting... well, keep up the good work I say
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