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Question New and Confused...


Well im pretty new two this, i only discovered polyamory recently and its like a lightbulb went off in my head and i felt like the discription matched me, but i am not sure, im really confused.

Im 22, in south east melbourne australia and just broke up with my fiance of 3 years. In our relationship i did feel desires to be with other people, but did not want to be a cheater and when i mentioned a 3some to him he would always deny me. Now that it is over (its now been 2 1/2 months since it ended) i feel like i am ready for something more. I have already had one casual relationship but i felt like i was putting in 99% of the effort, then it ended without a conversation or notice, left me really confused. Im bi curious, never been with a women yet, but curious about it and wanting to find out more, but non of my girlfriends are similer to me even though i find them attractive.

I think im poly as i dont feel satisfied with just one partner, nor do i have much confidence to find more than one yet. I want to love all people men and women and have love and security, without the need to be locked to one person. I want to find out if poly is the missing puzzel peice in me. Am i on a right note here or am i off track?

I dont know if it will be the rest of my life, but i want to try and see if it feels right. But i also have alot of self confidence issues and can be very shy around new things. My friends say im pretty, but i have a hard time beliving that when i think im fat. I want people to want to be with me for me, not be having to ask for a fun time all the time. I like to think i have a very high desire level, but no one or ones to be with....?

Are there people around my age that feel the same? How do i find a Poly group or join in one? Are there any poly people in my area who i can talk with or get to know? I have not met one poly person in my life...???

Any comments would really help.

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