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Originally Posted by nycindie
Oh. But yes, you did mention sex, but it was confusing:
Somewhat surprised by the confusion. "Same sex" clearly refers to sexual orientation. While the word "sex" does indeed appear I am hard pressed to understand how in that context it could mean that I am looking for a "swinger community".

Really I didnt want this to be the focus of my introduction, just that there was a small side agreement to an otherwise monogamous relationship. I am free to have a guy on guy and she is free to have a girl on girl relationship which we have both dabbled in a bit over the years, going through the bi-curious thing. I mean, largely straight does not mean completely straight as I am sure many out there can identify with. As to why, I would say that my wife feels very much threatened by the idea of me seeing other women and does not seem to desire other men herself. I think she feels that if a boyfriend is what I really wanted though, then she should not deny me something she could not provide herself.

Let me add a bit. She has made it clear that she is not OK with the idea of a fully open poly relationship, and I respect and abide by that. Price of admission to be with the one you love and all that. I am definitely interested in polyamory though, which is why I am on this site. The irony is that in my previous marriage the tables were exactly reversed. My ex wanted to see other guys, I was not cool with it thinking it would destroy our marriage and then the marriage ended anyway after a grueling year of no sex or intimacy whatsoever.
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