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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
When it comes to looking after finances, or our child, or emotional support, time spent together, love, friendship and physical affection etc etc, I am my girls primary!

The only part of her life where I'm not, is when it comes to satisfying her sexual needs, in this area I'm secondary to my metamour.

I was wondering how common this is, and also how other guys cope with this situation.

The same question applies to the ladies.

This pretty much sums up my life. My husband is definitely my primary, because our lives are so entwined with our boys, our house, shared finances, etc. However, my boyfriend is definitely my sexual primary and my husband's girlfriend is definitely his sexual primary. I get jealous of it sometimes and I know he feels bad occasionally that my boyfriend brings out a side of me that he doesn't, but it's just the way it works out.
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