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The Lord is indeed good. Cookie has found the woman of his dreams, and it ain't me! He cancelled our overnight date tonight to be with this dream broad, and I'm so happy I'm well-nigh bursting. Go happy couple go! I hope he never texts me again.

Vanilla just left for the kink party we we're supposed to go together, but where she'll be going with Chip intstead. She was super-grumpy for all her stuff having mysteriously gone missing and being so very late. I tried to sleep through most of grump. So it just so happens I have the flat to myself, no one to look after expect myself (do have to feed the cats at some point though, poor single cat mother me) and tons of creative crap to do. Yee-haw!

I've talked it over and over again with the psychologist, mum, Vanilla, Flattie, you lot on how I want to find people who share my passions and zest for life and with whom I can feel equal sharing friendship and possible partnership with. I think I'm working there, slowly but surely. Life is good.
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