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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post

There is for some. Some foreskin is tighter than others, so you can't just start reaming on it as some women are prone to do. ...This is one are where girls who learned from porn, are at a massive disadvantage.

I had one girl attack my penis like a porn star, ended up slapping the back of her head to make her stop, women complain about men not taking direction, well it can happen the other way to hahahaha she wasn't believing me when I was telling her to stop
Anyone who uses porn as an instructional video is going to find themselves needing a reality-check. You may have heard the saying that if a pose or position is comfortable, it probably doesn't look good on camera, and vice-versa.

I haven't watched THAT much porn (compared to how much is out there), but it got to the point where I could tell if my partner had been watching too much porn because of what they were trying to do and how they were trying to do it.

"Um, excuse me, but did you see this in a skin-flick?"

"Yeah... "[Name of Some Generic Porno Flick]". Why? You've seen that one?"

"No, but I can tell that what you're doing won't work, so I assumed you saw it on film and wanted to try it out."

"Oh. How do you KNOW it won't work?"


Don't even get me started on the guys who thought they would fuck me in the ass and then get me to suck their dick right afterward. Ain't gonna happen, not in this life or any other. Just because I'm "adventurous" doesn't mean I'll do whatever comes to mind (and I do not take it up the ass. I think I discussed this in another thread, or maybe earlier in this one).
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