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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post

Despite the fact that there were peaks in activism and public awareness that intimidated many people into putting on a face of "changing" their outlook, down deep - REALLY deep - little changed.

So although during the 60s and 70s there was a swell of female sexual liberation (and acceptance) on the surface, at the root little seems to have changed.

So be careful ladies. They are STILL out to slap the chains (and chastity belts) on you ! Or better yet - have you slap them on yourselves and BELIEVE it was your own choice !

I don't think that someone's REALLY deep outlook on anything is anyone's business other than the person who holds that outlook.

True, we won't be able to change things at the root, but in this case I think that the cure(policing someone's deepest thoughts complete with mandatory painful self examination and correction when those thoughts are not in line with societal norms) is far worse than the disease.

In regards to casual sex, I think that we will always have some people that are uncomfortable with it. As long as they don't actually do something about their discomfort(which we should resist) I think it is part of living in a society that is not ideologically pure.
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