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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
With 69, I don't like the angle, either. It's not possible for me to position so that the guy can get his mouth on my pussy and I can maneuver my mouth effectively over his penis. I suppose I could do it with another female because our anatomy is different.
At 6'5 I find this less of a problem. Average height girls fit fine. My tall girlfriends were usually at my knees and the short ones at my belly button. There are definite logistic issues with 69ing

I do not think there is much difference between sucking a circumcised versus an uncircumcised penis when they are erect. The uncircumcised one just has looser skin and I'd put my hand on it and hold it back, and voila, instant circumcised penis.
There is for some. Some foreskin is tighter than others, so you can't just start reaming on it as some women are prone to do. ...This is one are where girls who learned from porn, are at a massive disadvantage.

I had one girl attack my penis like a porn star, ended up slapping the back of her head to make her stop, women complain about men not taking direction, well it can happen the other way to hahahaha she wasn't believing me when I was telling her to stop
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