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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Interesting. I DO enjoy giving a blow-job for the sake of itself, and I've done it in a "casual setting" where I did not have an orgasm of my own body, and never thought of it as having "nothing in it for me".
Yep. I understand in principle that many women actually enjoy giving blowjobs. It took me a really long time to actually believe it, that they weren't just being used or doing it for some other benefit. Now, I can totally understand the empowering ability to control a man's orgasm that way, and the vulnerability it puts them in. I just dislike the physical sensation of putting a penis in my mouth.

RP: I get where you're coming from. I have the luxury of being 28, childless, with all the time in the world. As an introverted homebody, I spend most of that time on my own, but I like it that way. I enjoy company, too. Don't really find myself desiring casual sex anymore -- I find much more satisfaction from spiritual/reflective type experiences, like yoga or helping people who need it.
As I am sure any cat owner will be able to tell you,
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