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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Another update!

I'm not pretending there are not challenges for me and Redpepper, everything is not all flowers and butterflies but I want to continue sharing our adventure on this thread

Tonight I was invited to Redpepper's parents house for a family supper. It was relaxed, incredible and so natural for all of us to be together. Her brother was there as well as a deep family friend of hers. We felt like family; Redpeppper felt it, I caught her looking around and looking so full. Her parents do not know about us yet and that is absolutely fine by me I think we could wait a lot longer in my opinion for things to settle out..not to mention it's gonna get awkward!! They accept me as a friend and that is enough for me LOL!!

All of us would have been friends regardless of my involvement in their family I think. We are all doing great in the moment
Absolutely wonderful! I think you are transitioning into everything family in the right way! Lucky boy!
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