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Default new wrinkle

My current situation has changed.... my wife who I'm separated from who lives in another city wants desperately to reenter my life...."wants to dedicate the rest of her life making it up to me and the kids" She chance to meet and spend time repair ...

The wrinkle ....I'm dating a couple other women currently. On principal that will no stop or be effected. I have never in all my years broken up with someone and then later reestablished the relationship ....When its done I move on ...never look back I'm in uncharted waters. This is not my idea and I'm not really all the interested in doing this but she seems so shattered and destroyed it seems almost cruel to summarily dismiss the proposal. Has anyone dated an ex spouse ???? What's should be the new mind set?

Footnote.... for the people who say that the sex with one partner is not better but different.....Liars.... same code for blind dates ....he/she has great personality ...meaning ...fat, plain or homely. The 45yr personal trainer is hands down a sexual technician. 5 star rating in that area.
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