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Originally Posted by Dandelionkisses View Post
I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want to join me in our germ pod.
Depending on where you are, the risk has lessened considerably since the outbreak a few months ago. I'm in suburban NYC and we learned a lot about how this virus is passed, how it is not passed and what very effective precautions are. We were Covid-central in April & May and now we have the lowest transmission rate in the country. Extreme quarantine isn't necessary anymore in most parts of the USA unless a person is high risk for complications. Most people (around this area, anyway) understand what is risky behavior and what is not - all backed up by science, not by Facebook. If you care to say, why is your polycule still taking such extreme quarantine measures, so much so that you are not able to interact with anyone else?

BTW, if your germ pod is as insular as you describe, it's actually a very safe place to join. Who wouldn't want that?!
~ Karen
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