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Hello Dandelionkisses,

You seem to be torn between, on the one hand, retaining your relationship with Sunflower while being lonely much of the time, and, on the other hand, breaking up with Sunflower so you can date around again. As far as I can tell, Covid-19 throws a real monkey wrench into the works, as, even if you were single again, you still couldn't date around, as you might be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, and anyone you dated would thus be at risk. Truth be told, anyone you have contact with (even Sunflower) is at risk for that reason. If we were really going to kill this virus off, we'd have isolate completely from everyone, even the people we live with. Three people live at my house, and one of us has to drive to work every day, so technically, he should have zero contact with either of us other two. And none of us should ever go out and get groceries, etc. etc.

Restrictions to that order of magnitude would really be more than we could handle, especially since Homo sapiens is a herd animal. So, we have to take measured risks. I don't know exactly how that notion would play out in your situation, but it's something that occurs to me, when I think about Covid-19. The best you can do is isolate when and however reasonably possible, and wear a mask whenever you can, things like that. Take all the precautions you reasonably can, and "reasonably" in this context is a personal judgment call. Maybe you can date around if you wear a mask? I don't know.

I hope you can work things out.
Kevin T.
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