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Originally Posted by breathemusic View Post
Is your pod willing to have a conversation about what reasonable precautions that you might be able to take to allow you to start dating again? What if you did social distance dates with the intention of finding another serious partner that could then integrate into your germ pod? Of course, you'd have to consider whether or not that person has their own germ pod as well, but this is all part of the reality that we live in. Depending on where you live and how long this is going to stretch out, I think at some point people are going to have to consider finding the balance of safety and being able to live life without going stir crazy. I'm not suggesting tons of random dates or unsafe behavior, but talking to potential partners online and going on social distance dates is pretty safe (I'm thinking picnic outside where each bring your own food, or just an outdoor hangout at a distance). Once you do that enough times to see if you click and also see if you're on the same page with safety, you could then consider whether or not pod integration makes sense.
Yeah, not really possible to add another contact/partner. Not because anyone is telling me not to but because itís just not safe at this point. I described our polycule germ pod - the people I actually spend time with- but in actuality with the childrenís other bio parents (who are not in our polycule) and their partners (and additional kids) - our germ pod is already at 17. Really too many already and our polycule has no sway or say over how our former partners (co-parents) are conducting themselves in terms of social distancing. I donít think anyone in their right mind would want to join me in our germ pod.
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